11 Jun 2018

The Defiant One

I do some volunteer work with the RSPB in my spare time, and through the connections I have made there I have been lucky enough to be invited along to a number of ringing/surveying sessions.

One recent session I went along too, mostly getting in the way of, but sometimes aiding, was Vicki @BlueTitEcology ‏.  This involved ringing and key information gathering of blue tit chicks before they fledge & leave the nest.  Typically, the chicks usually arch their backs and maintain a low profile while information is recorded.  Before being carefully returned to the safety of their nest.  Every chick that was processed that day (Some 40-50) adopted this position, except one.  This little gent/lady, which is difficult to discern at this age adopted such a defiant pose, i scrambled for my camera and was lucky enough to get this photo.


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