A good way to publicise your business is by using virtual tour advertising, powered by ‘Google View Technology’. Once your business is listed on Google you can use a range of Google platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Business Listing, for all your advertising needs, including virtual tours.


Aaron Scott Richards Photography is an officially certified ‘Google Pro Photographer’ that specialises in all aspects of commercial photography including 360-degree virtual tours. The introduction of advanced 360-degree cameras allows this technology to be implemented quickly and cheaply.


360-degree virtual tours allow potential clients/visitors to see an all-round view of the outside and inside of buildings, using any internet-connected platform, including desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone device. The client simply scrolls an arrow in the direction they want to look – forwards, backwards, side-to-side or any direction in-between. The technology uses the normal Google search engine to view the results. As distinct from 3-D virtual reality, 360-degree virtual tours do not use a 3-D headset. Below is an example of a 360-degree virtual tour we did for St Francis Church of England in Bournville, Birmingham.



How can virtual tours benefit your business? Studies have shown that advertising, using high quality photographs and virtual tours, are twice as likely to attract interest than those that do not*. Google is the principle search engine used by prospective clients. Applications that involve clients travelling to service provider’s premises are particularly applicable to this type of advertising. These include: shops, hair and beauty salons, pubs, restaurants, gyms, sports centres, and holiday facilities such as hotels and Airbnb.


Aaron Scott Richards Photography would be pleased to discuss conventional and virtual tour photography with you and explain how they would benefit your business.